Kozaily Arak

Kozaily Arak

The Kozaily Arak is developed under conditions of high standards, manual harvesting, selection of bunches, good maturity of the grapes, rich in phenolic compounds, vinified with care and distilled according to verified and controlled rules. Note that we use the highest quality of anis giving Kozaily Arak its top of the lign quality. Size, shape and sources verified and controlled, cultivated naturally and without pesticides, a selection of large grape varieties such as “Obeidy and Merhweh” being the best for winemaking due to their sugar concentration. Fermentation, distillation temperature, degree of alcohol and aging are controlled, verified and well defined in order to promote the best conditions to accomplish this gem, Kozaily Arak. The grapes are fermented and then distilled with anise seeds, distilled three times, at a temperature that does not exceed a certain degree. It is stored and aged for 12 months before bottling.

Available packaging :
250 mL – 500mL – 600mL – 3L
(other packages available upon request)

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